Hey there!

I’m Aubrey!

Mom to 3 with one more on the way. After going through severe postpartum depression and anxiety I knew there was something I needed to do to help others who felt the same. Since then I have been able to create a community of tens of thousands of women/moms and help so many find more hope and a new version of themselves again.

I knew mental health was a taboo topic that needed to come to the surface and be talked about. I openly share my story in hopes to reach to the mama who might be desperately crying in her closet not knowing if the sun will ever shine again.

My dream is to bring a new hope to your life. A new way to do and think. With the programs I create, I help you rewire your brain to help you think and feel differently. Anya means “mama” in Hungarian but it also stands for A New You Again. As you join our community and go through my programs, you’ll be able to discover a new version of yourself you never even knew existed before. Your days will feel brighter, you’ll gain more inner confidence, and you’ll start to create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

It’s time, mama. It’s time to put yourself first in order to align everything else in your life. It’s time to start feeling better. It’s time to feel like A New You Again! Can’t wait to see you inside!

So excited to meet you! Xo


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